ESR HaloLock Dashboard Wireless Car Charger

For Dashboard / Windshield



MagSafe Wireless Car Charger Dock for iPhone 12 & 13/ Pro/ Pro Max/ mini.

✔️ Features:

  • Only compatible with the iPhone 12/13 series, ESR HaloLock cases, and official MagSafe magnetic cases. A non-magnetic phone or phone case will not be able to lock on and will fall off the charger.
  • No attachments needed thanks to a powerful built-in HaloLock magnetic ring that locks on to your phone magnetically. An official MagSafe case or ESR HaloLock case is recommended for rough terrain.
  • Supports 7.5W fast wireless charging compatible with iPhone 12/13. Requires a car charger or USB-A port that supports 18W QC fast charging.
  • Mounts securely to your dashboard or windshield with a powerful and reusable suction cup. Freely adjustable to make finding your most comfortable angle easy.

* Not compatible with non-magnetic cases


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