ESR HaloLock Ring (2Pcs / Packs)



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ESR HaloLock Ring 2 Packs for iPhone 13/ 12/Pro/Max/Mini/Galaxy S21/S20/Ultra/S10/S9 Plus.

This ESR HaloLock Universal Ring enables safe and fast wireless charging by converting your ordinary case into a magnetic case compatible with MagSafe chargers and accessories. The ring will only adhere to smooth plastic (PC or TPU).


  •  Wireless charging speed is determined by your phone model, wireless charger, and charging adapter. This ring increases charging efficiency by keeping your phone centered on the charger, but it cannot increase charging speed beyond the maximum supported by your phone, charger, and adapter.
  • Provides easy on-and-go wireless charging by automatically aligning your phone with your MagSafe wireless charger and locking it in place.
  • Specially designed magnetic ring that keeps your phone cool whether you are using standard or magnetic wireless charging.
  • The intuitive alignment guide makes it very easy to position the ring correctly on any of the compatible models; once installed, the ring can be removed but not repositioned.
  • Compatible with iPhone 13/ 12 and Samsung Galaxy S10 series or later.


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